Play Synopsis

Act 1

Pericles – Prince of Tires opens 18 years ago in Jersey City, where mafia capo Perry meets his boss, the insane Fat Tony, who tells Perry a riddle he must answer to gain further passage into the "family." If Perry answers incorrectly, he'll get whacked. However, when Perry solves the riddle (Fat Tony is having an incestuous relationship with his daughter), he realizes divulging the answer would be just as perilous as not answering at all. So, Perry wisely escapes Jersey City.

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(Clock. from Top) Joe Popp (Gower), Stephen Ray (Perry) and Spencer Meyers (Henry) in Jobsite's Pericles. (Photo by Brian Smallheer)

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Pursued by relentless hitmen, Perry's flight turns into an adventure of nearly a year that encounters a series of trials brought both by chance as well as the consequences of his actions. He sees good fortune when he saves the fate of the Coney Island boardwalk and meets the love of his life, Talia, in Cape Cod. He meets bad fortune when he cons Talia's conniving father and cheats his way through a tournament by beating a priest into submission.

When Perry learns he can safely return home on his wedding night with Talia, the newlyweds encounter a brutal storm at sea. The storm damages the boat and induces Talia into labor, where she dies while giving birth to their daughter, Marina. Unable to save his wife's body, Perry escapes the sinking boat with Marina. He leaves his daughter in Coney Island for safe keeping, while he returns to Brooklyn to take back his turf. A convent of nuns discover Talia amidst flotsam on the shores of Montauk, NY. She miraculously comes back to life, only to discover she is the sole survivor.

Act 2

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Jason Evans (Lizard) and Katie Castonguay (Marina) in Jobsite's Pericles. (Photo by Tracy May)

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Present day finds Marina, 18 and the love of Coney Island. However, once her adoptive mother dies, she's vulnerable to those envious of her glory, and she is kidnapped and sold to a pimp in Ozone Park, Queens. Marina avoids repeated mafia rape by reaching out to her johns and offering solutions to the ethical contradictions that mobsters face on a regular basis (i.e. when is it morally okay to burn a guy's joint to the ground?)

Although he is now a successful mafia boss, Perry is overwhelmed with depression. When he remembers his abandoned daughter, he returns to Coney Island to discover she recently died suspiciously. Before Marina's "caretakers" can confess the truth, Perry kills them and delves into further depression.

When Perry's consigliere, Henry, catches Perry attempting suicide, Henry suggests the whore in Ozone Park that all the guys are talking about. With nothing left to lose, Perry meets the whore and she helps him realize the benefits of being a mob boss also carry the responsibility of doing what's right (regardless of its legality.) The mob boss and hooker-turned counselor also piece together their past and are happily reunited as father and daughter.

Perry is haunted by a dream of a nun who insist that he has never truly given. When Perry awakens, fate and a little luck bring him to Montauk, where he is compelled to donate a large sum of money with no strings attached. Reminded of a vision by one of the convent's nuns the night before, the Mother Superior summons Sister Talia, who instantly reunites with Perry and Marina.