Creative Loafing Best of the Bay – Best Theatrical Composer – Joe Popp

Creative Loafing Top 10 Production
of 2009

Critical Reviews

“... a noisy, funny, unpredictable rock musical featuring the impressive guitar work of Joe Popp and the splendid performances of seven inspired actors ... Pericles is every bit as good as The Bomb-itty of Errors or any other of the Park Shakespeares (a lot better than some) ... Pericles is outstanding: it’s good music, good theater and remarkably faithful Shakespeare. It’s the sort of theater one expects to find only in a major metropolis.”
Creative Loafing

“... a raucous force of nature ... a butt-kicking, rocked-out adaptation ... It's clear that Jobsite has worked to create a non-musical musical ... The acting is good ... [the script] is delightfully smartass and rude. But the music is what makes this production really sing.”
The Tampa Tribune

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Ami Sallee Corley (Talia) and Jason Evans (Priest) in Jobsite's Pericles. (Photo by Tracy May)

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“great new songs ... great performances by a large cast and a fairly clever script by Neil Gobioff and Shawn Paonessa ... Popp's songs have never been better, with great hooks and melodies tempered with punkish rawness. The cast features performers known mostly for their acting, but several of them reveal some really impressive pipes. There's really not a bad singer (or actor) in the eight-person cast.”
St. Petersburg Times

“Be ready to get blown away ... It’s fun, quirky, and energetic ... a rare commodity, an original rock musical, put together by the raw energy and talent of a group of committed artists ... They went out on a limb to produce this edgy, possibly controversial show. It works, and there’s nothing canned or fake about it. Turn off the television and go see Pericles.”
ARTS NET, Tampa Bay

“[Pericles] made Shakespeare’s dark romance fresh, relevant, and more widely appealing.”
Shakespeare Bulletin

“Joe Popp is a beast on stage... The cast of eight play the roles of many and adapt to portray each character to perfection. The slapstick comedy is something of an unexpected surprise and really carries the show.”
REAX Music

Patron Reviews

“Just got in from seeing the great musical Pericles. It is one of the best plays that I have seen in a while. The music was great, lyrics were significant to the story line and the performance done by each cast member was OUTSTANDING. Each actor played and sang their part so very well. I was caught up in the plot, which is for mature audiences only. The players easily drew me into their character and I felt as though I were part of the performance. I will be attending this musical again with friends and family.... Treat yourself to a night out of a modern musical with a great cast of actors, singers and comedians. It is time to make a memory. Enjoy.” – Jeanette French

“Was in the audience tonight for the sneak preview, and the musical was FANTASTIC! My boyfriend and I just really enjoyed ourselves. Tampa area people... go see this musical. It's totally worth it.” – mmobrien (via LiveJournal)

“GREAT SHOW!! Definitely something to come and spend your money on. Support the local artistic community and keep great projects like this coming back again and again!!!!” – theatergoer from Largo (via

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Spencer Meyers (Cedric) in Jobsite's Pericles. (Photo by Yvonne M. McGreevy)

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“I was frankly very unsure about this Pericles thing. Shakespeare, mobsters, punk-rock. Sounds like something that you might see in a Simpsons episode about community theater. And who is this Joe Popp guy anyway? Add to that the hype, the glowing reports of the people who saw it in rehearsal and the preview night and I was very worried it wouldn't live up to the expectations. It didn't. It surpassed them. I know who Joe Popp is now, he's a wizard. The music was amazing, powerful, energetic and still melodic over a broad variety of styles ... The cast were uniformly strong, passionate and energetic ... The book was a very clever transmogrification of the original as well as incredibly funny ... I'll be seeing it again, everyone should go see it.” – David Hood (via Blogsite Theater)

“That's really lovely work you're doing in the Shimberg. I was terrifically impressed with the focus and the timing and the writing and the singing and the characterizations. You deserve a bigger venue. Joe deserves a house band to back him up. Thanks for loving what you're doing. It shows.” – Steve Garland

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“One of the best shows I've seen at the Jobsite!!!! I saw the show Friday and also was suprised at the 'silence' from the audience at the start. Finally, the crowd gave in "thankfully" and made noise so my laughter wasn't alone and my clapping was joined by others. Great Job by the everyone involved!” – Sam Combs

“Actors were excellent! Songs and lyrics were great! Set was amazing (loved how well you utilized space)! It was a little loud for me so some of the lyrics were hard to understand, but no different from any other rock show. Definitely worth seeing!!!” - Lorie Kittendorf

“Thanks so much for putting on such a rocking show! It was my 1st Jobsite performance & DEFINITELY not my last, look forward to the next one!” – Matt E. Lee

“I haven't had that much fun in a musical and wanted to sing along since Rocky Horror.” – Julie Garisto

“OMG just watched Pericles at TBPAC! Everyone in tampa should go:) awesome rock musical and *whisper* its only $15!!!!” – Jessy Julianna Quinones

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Pericles rocks! – jmasc6

Act1 of @jobsitetheater's #Pericles rocked my face off. That's right Tampa, I am faceless. – flsquirrel

I'm going to die from laughter. @jobsitetheater 's #Pericles is another must see! This weekend only. Then of to NY! – faedkisses

@jobsitetheater did it again! #Pericles was incredible! Go see it unless you want Fat Tony to send Nico after you! – mmobrien #Pericles is out of CONTROL. go see it, people! It's playing through this weekend. – songofthebeast

Holy crap! My face! It is being rocked off! #pericles – Critus