Your New Home



Wander along the beach

See what water brings

Could you imagine such myriad of things

I think to myself

Was she pushed or did she jump?

Cedric, Talia, Cleo, Lydia

Either way this is your new home

You must accept, it's your new home


Sometimes we never know

Why good things have to change

Can't stop believing

That's the definition of faith

Realize there's hope

Even when it seems too late

Cedric, Talia, Cleo, Lydia

Look around this is your new home

Learn to live in your new home

Cedric, Talia

Floating for days

Floating for years

Flotsam and jetsam

Wash up here

No longer lost

No longer alone

Forget the sea

This is your new home


Learn to live life again

You'll get past the shock

Realize when things go wrong

Cedric, Talia, Cleo, Lydia

We will be your rock

You have to carry on

No matter how bad things seem

Here we are at your new home

Welcome to your new home

This is your - This is your new home

Here we are at your new home

Original Cast Recording


Spencer Meyers (Cedric)

Ami Sallee Corley (Talia)

Chris Perez (Cleo)

Amy E. Gray (Dion)


Joe Popp – Guitar

Tylor Durand – Drums

Brian McCabe – Bass